Airbnb has been a journey for us, both as guests and hosts. We first discovered Airbnb when we needed a place to place to stay for my niece’s wedding in Portland several years ago. We found a great three bedroom house that could accommodate our growing family.

The experience was so positive that we have continued to  use Airbnb all over the world, including Carmel, Kyoto, Edinburg, St. Andrews, London, Rotterdam and most recently Paris. We love the extra amenities and the room to stretch out. When we moved back from Japan in the summer of 2016, we planned to host on Airbnb ourselves, to extend the hospitality we had received to travelers from all over the world. Since October of 2017 we have hosted more than 50 groups from many countries. We enjoy sharing our home and extending our own personal brand of hospitality. We quickly became Airbnb “Superhosts” which was great recognition for the care we put into delighting our guests. Our first listing is a private guest apartment on the ground floor of our home: <Perfect Mountain Getaway>

JUST LISTED: is our new space on the third floor for guests looking for a sunny, private, luxurious suite: <Treetop View Luxury Suite Omotenashi style>

If you haven’t used Airbnb yet and would like to sign up (it’s easy and you’ll get $40 off your first trip!), click <here>

If you are interested in exploring hosting your own place (it can be a room, an apartment or even your whole house!), click <here>